We absolutely love creating beautiful things.

My Wedding Sense is the San Francisco Bay Area wedding partner you have been looking for.

From the details of your wedding dress to the structure of your venue, My Wedding Sense creates sensational art pieces that will be fitting to your special day.

Not sure where to start? Want to know how to cut down cost using in-season flowers? Curious to see some designs that you never thought of?

Request for a quote now under the “Contact Us” page and we will reach out to you shortly!


Do you guys only do weddings? We love celebrating all special moments. All non-wedding requests should be no less than $500.

I want to be stress free and have you guys do all my wedding decorations. Is that possible? We would love to!¬†You let us know what you want and don’t want. We are connected to various vendors to accommodate your needs!

Do I have to pay for the consultation? Your first consultation is free of charge. Once you decide to partner with us, you will have unlimited access to your designer.

How soon do I need to reserve you guys for my wedding? 3 – 6 months prior to the actual wedding day.

How does payment work? 50% deposit required to reserve and remaining balance is due 1 week prior to the actual wedding day.